We Treat All Fracture In Formarm,wrist And Hand

After evaluation, we will determine if your fracture can be treated conservatively or needs surgical intervention.

Dr. Shenassa uses the most advanced minimally invasive techniques to get his patients back to normal activity levels, including sports, in the shortest amount of time.

Post operative immobilization is minimal, with a focus on starting early range of motion exercises in therapy.

Comman Fracture Treated

Radius and Ulna




Distal Radius Open Reduction Internal Fixation Surgery


Post Operative Instructions And Expectations

Your arm and hand will be immobile and numb for at least 8-12 hours until the block wears off.

Keep your dressing clean and dry. Do not remove.

Apply ice to your wrist at least 3 times daily for 20 minutes each time.

Your fingers will be stiff, move them as much as possible.

Expect to have pain, take your medications as needed.

You should have your follow up appointment in 24-72hours

Traumatic Multiple Proximal Phalanx Fractures

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When talking to David one immediately feels security in his knowledge and at the same time kindness. He made me a surgery for a fracture of my left radius

Socorro Leon

The professionalism of Dr. Shenassa and his staff is outstanding. I felt very comfortable and confident before, during and after my procedure. I highly recommend Dr. Shenassa and his office staff!!

Amarilis Perez

My son was treated my the P.A. Sydney and she was very nice, patient ,caring and explained the treatment to us and answer our questions and concerns.

Diane Lindor

The doctor and staff were very friendly and professional. Answered all questions, and the day of the surgery, every thing went smoothly and just an overall professional and yet kind experience.

Andrea Labarbera

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